Way to creative activity
The book is intended to develop creative thinking among musicians-performers: an ability to define the nature and image of music, a skill to phrase it, to add to the phonation dynamic paints, fill the contents, to find in each concrete piece a possibility to transform notes into alive music text, expressive sounding. The book "Way to creative activity" consists of 2-x parts. Essentially this is a textbook of music, and it is possible to name it "Laboratory of trumpeter". The first part contains description of main approaches and methods of interpretation. The second part is devoted to the performer analysis of 26 most often sounding pieces from repertoire of trumpeters. Besides the book contains 350 music examples, addressed to the broad circle of teachers, students, soloists and orchestra musicians. The Interpretation of music examples is complicated with that fact, that many analyzed pieces have different editing with different letter and digital indexes. That is why it is better to have a clavier before eyes during studying the book or at least trumpet party. All that is written in the book reflects opinion and beliefs of its author. The material is based on personal pedagogical and practical experience. Author did not put his aim by all means to thrust his opinion and interpretation experience on others and hopes that on the basis of the material musicians will search for and find their own decisions. There are no easy ways in musical interpretations. This book is available for translation and publishing.
From trumpeter's notebook
The book of prominent Russian trumpeter, performer and teacher contains short notes and comments about art of performing, music, about professions of musician and trumpeter. The author speculates about difficult process of education and formation of the future performer, gives the advices and recommendations on concrete matters of experience of play on instrument, mastering the technical methods and interpreting the music. Here - cogitations about music art, about that, how listen and perform the music, as correct to choose the instrument and mouthpiece, how teach and learn, how breathe and what rate to choose at performance classicists, why play on humid lips, what features necessary to choose during interpretation of one or another music... Value all these different thoughts in one: they belong to the prominent contemporary musician Timofei Dokshizer.
Trumpeter on the steed
A memory of musician has amazing characteristics. For long years, seemingly, forever disappear from memory separate facts and even significant events, and in ditto time thousand tunes remain in head, ever feasible or simply once upon a time having been heard. Sometimes, in watch of night vigils, together with melodies recover in head - in small details- pages of live. It is difficult to restore names of people and dates of different important events. However essence of my memoirs is not in observance of chronicle punctuality, but in frank and without embellish description of hard, but also lucky work of musician, work towards the ideal. The material for this book is based on practical experience. The great deal gave observations on colleagues, pupils - on their work, training, and behavior in different life situations. This book is available for translation and publishing.

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